Free Online Games and Activities

We have taken the opportunity to contact our global network of friends across the game community to gather together links to games, resources and activities that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home or classroom.

The list below is organised into 2 parts:

  1. Younger activities and Games for schools and families.
  2. Family Plus... Print and Plays and online games for the more adventurous, or more experienced gamers!

The list below is extremely varied and only a start, but there's already plenty to investigate for everyone! it's listed by alphabetically by the donating company to recognise their help. As the list grows we will continue to organise accordingly, but for now have a good look and feel free to use whatever you need. Simply click on the bits in bold in each description to get to the links.... (not that one though!)

The vast majority of content is free, though there may be the odd exception. Some links will be to web-pages, some to folders of information, some may be to platforms to download specific apps etc. You may also be directed to hubs such as Tabletopia, Table top Simulator and Steam, where you will be introduced to a whole world of possibilities beyond our specific links. In some cases you may be required to set up a user id or account to access.

We hope you find something to interest and most importantly, stay safe and have fun!

Please Note: The following links have been supplied to Imagination Gaming from trust-worthy partners and sources. Whilst every effort has been taken to vet these links, Imagination Gaming can take no responsibility for the content in these resources and recommend that all activities are initiated by a responsible adult. Should any of these links raise concern in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately.


1. Activities games and resources for Primary Schools and families with younger children:


Asmodee UK:

****AWESOME UPDATE!: Asmodee now have a dedicated PRINT AND PLAY WEBSITE HERE containing some amazing top games and activities! We recommend Dobble, Concept Kids, Times Up and Rory Story Cubes for the younger ones...****


BeGenio Games:

Find some times-table hacks and other maths based tips, activities and resources



More logic puzzles and smart colouring sheets from our good friends at Djeco especially for keeping hands and minds busy!


Luma World:

Print and play puzzles, craft and maths "magic" with simple instructions.



Lots of fantastic resources on their website to compliment a great range of ThinkFun games we use (in-store here) on a daily basis! Start here and investigate...

  • Two-player turn based strategy games help players build strategic thinking and reasoning skills while becoming more aware of their problem solving process. Download, Print and Learn! 
  • Build Brainteaser Puzzles. With these classic brainteaser puzzles, students can infuse their own creative design – then play and solve them together! ThinkFun brainteasers provide a classroom-bonding experience and a lot of creative, brain-building fun!


Value Add Games:

( 2 in English) Print and Play Games available, memory and multiplication. For younger players, instructions included in the pdf.s: 



2. Games and activities for older children and more experienced gamers... known as Family Plus!


Asmodee UK:

****AWESOME UPDATE!: Asmodee now have a dedicated PRINT AND PLAY WEBSITE HERE containing some of the below and much more including Dixit, Dobble Cortex and Unlock!****


Azao Games:

A range of Print and Play games for older children and adults. Visit the page in the link (you may need to change the language!)


Big Potato Games:

A brilliant Print and Play quiz game that's really simple to get going ... Mr. Lister!!!. Open the pdf in the link, read the directions on the first card, play the game with the rest!

... and now another! the brilliant Obama LLama with rules for playing over group video chat!


Czech Games Edition:

Free Pnrint and Play of Under Falling Skies – you need a printer!

And, if you have a copy of either of these other great games from CGE, here are two videos with tips and tricks on how to play remotely: Codenames and Trapwords .... OR

*NEW* the Codenames Online gaming platform, a free browser-based version for playing the beloved classic with your friends online.


Dogeared Games:

Colour Chess - A colourful reimagining of traditional Chess, this variant is the free to play mobile version of the award-winning and Mensa-nominated tabletop game Colour Chess. It focuses on skill and creativity rather than studying set openings, as you use the colours to force and trap your opponent with a game that is different every time. Simple to learn for beginners, yet strategically deep enough for Masters.


Drawlab Entertainment:

Play Witless Wizards on Tabletopia here. A 2-4 card battling game for 10yrs+, where old wizards attempt to recall their long-forgotten spells to deal damage to each other!


Exploding Kittens:

One of the biggest card games of recent years has adapted the gameplay to enjoy over video-calling with your friends. Here's how, but you will still need a copy of the physical game to play


Gen42 Games:

Awards game - Link to a folder containing rules and a fantastic Print and Play version of Red Panda. Cool art work and shaolin pandas for 2 - 6 players age 8yrs+ !

... Plus more Gen 42 classics here:

Free to download on Android, Hive

Free to play Online, Army Of Frogs

Pay to play on Steam: Tatsu

Pay to Play on Steam: Hive 


Grumpy Owl Games:

Untamed: Feral Factions is a standalone shuffle-building card battle game with beautiful artwork. It is a rather fun card game, which can be played with 2-3 people or even 4-6 if you print the game twice. The thematics and simplified gaming rules should ensure that kids from age 10-12 and up could play it and enjoy it. See what it is here



A link to a few ideas here from the fantastic Libellud. A reminder to get out some of the fantastic games you may already have, and also some nice print and play ideas, colouring etc. Click here and try some of the previous links too!



2 games, Mr. Cabbagehead's Garden and On The Underground, available to play online on Tabletopia below.  For players 10yrs+ 


Reality Game: 

Try the new King Thief Minister game for free!

Thief or King?Executioner or Sheriff? Peasant or Minister? Who is lying and who is telling the truth?...Claim a character and challenge others’ bluffs, and with concentration and intelligence take the coins and win the game!

It's  for 3-6 players. Visit the page here for a short video on how it plays, download the rules available in English and grab yourself some beans/coins,and cards/cups to play right away!


Redwell Games:

A stripped down version of Vote Me! especially adapted to make playable online between groups of older friends



Just Remember Though.... Nothing Beats The Real Thing!

Find our full range of new and classic games to purchase here in our online games store, and follow us on FaceBook here to keep up to date with latest news.


Remote Learning Games Activities Are Here

Look! It's us, believe it or not, playing games with a whole class. Apart from our selected safe schools in lockdown, it's been a while. Okay, you can't see them, but they are there... somewhere!

Throughout lockdown we have played with lots of different ideas to interact with and deliver activities to our schools and families. Via our website with a collection of links to games and resources from our wonderful network of games companies around the world, involving over 50 families in our awards by sending games to review by post, and 2020's "CU Zoom" family games workshops, we've been nothing if not creative!

However the continued need for home-learning and socially distant activities has driven the need for us to make sure we can continue to support schools with the Imagination Gaming boost they still demand, especially after so much time without!

So.... we are now available online!



Of course that means things are different, but as we not only play games with groups around a tables in school, we also do plenty of front of class activities that we can replicate through remote learning channels.

This week we have been "in" Shawlands School in Barnsley, and what better way to explain what we did and its effects than ask the Headteacher, who sat in some of the sessions and even joined in himself! Here is what he had to say...


Shawlands School

We have taken part in some online 'virtual' Imagination Gaming sessions with our Y5 and 6 children who are working from home this morning. Using a webcam set up, Nigel led the children through around half a dozen different logic, maths and word-based puzzles which the children found very engaging and challenging.  Some of the most engaged children were those who have found the more traditional online lessons didn't suit them and the sessions gave them a chance to excel and build their self-esteem.

The sessions also allowed the children to interact and socialise in ways a traditional online lesson wouldn't have.  We'll be booking Nigel in for another session for the Y3s and 4s as soon as possible.

"Imagination Gaming, whether in school or done remotely, helps Shawlands deliver on the 6 Rs we aim to instil in our children...

RESILIENCE:  None of the puzzles and games rely on luck, and they always challenge children of all abilities.  Often the children who excel in academic subjects find the activities difficult which develops in them a resilience they can sometimes lack.  Often equally children who do not excel in academic subjects find themselves succeeding and enjoying the thrill of success among their peers.

RESOURCEFULNESS: All the activities require the children to be resourceful, thinking in different ways when the obvious solutions don't work.  Many of the physical activities require them to consider different ways to view and use the resources available.

REASONING: All the activities require reasoning at a deep level; when the first method doesn't work they are forced to consider why not, and to find solutions to the problems faced.  When they find a solution, the thrill on their faces is very real.

REFLECTIVE: Like with reasoning, they have to reflect on what went well and why, and more importantly what didn't work so well and why, so that future efforts can be more effective

RESPONSIBILITY: In paired and group work, the children have to take responsibility for their part in any successes and failures.  With many of the physical games an emphasis is placed on being responsible for the care and proper packing away of the pieces.

RESPECTFULNESS: The sessions help develop in children a mature and respectful attitude to both success and failure, and an ethos of being first not being the most important thing, where the more children succeed the better."

Mr. D. Thompson, Shawlands Primary School, Barnsley


We have already booked in more activities via Teams and Zoom for after half-term, and if you would like to take part and begin to access more of the types of activities children have been sorely missing to help support their education and well-being, don't hesitate to contact us now! We hope to See You Zoom!