Airecon 2019 Inter School Tournament

So, we have just spent a weekend away in Harrogate as part of the terrific Airecon Games Convention, a friendly open gaming event that's rapidly growing in popularity.

Accompanying us on our first day were 47 local school children, who along with their teachers, came to compete in our Inter-School Games Tournament.

A competition with something for everyone! We ensured we had a range of games that would appeal, irrespective of the sort of games you enjoy.

We had a super maths game “Savvy” where prediction and probability plus a bit of luck could earn you points to win the game. Do you play or do you pass and give the next player something to think about?

We had the wonderful word game Bananagrams Junior. Be the first to use all your letters in a connected word grid without a spelling mistake, proper noun or abbreviation?

We also included the fantastic and mesmerising shape game Polyssimo, to test patience and concentration. 

Our final game was Grabolo, a game to test those reflexes and perception. Who has the best eyes and the fastest hands?

The schools that took part were, Rossett Acre, Coppice Valley, Skelton Newby Hall, Woodfield Primary, Staveley Community and Kirk Hammerton all of which had selected a couple of teams to represent their school. Yes, there were prizes to be won but the aim of the day was to have lots of fun!

The competition was close but in the end this year’s winning team came from Rossett Acre School who came out on top and took the winning trophy. Max W from Rossett Acre took the title of highest scoring individual player. Congratulations young man!


The sea of smiles was a sure sign that everyone involved had a great time. Here's just some of the other teams: 

After such a fantastic day, we look forward to returning to Harrogate and working with the Rossett Acre teams and their friends soon...

... and of course if you would like more information on how to go about organising your very own Inter-School Games Tournament, get in touch!


Creature College - Game of the Week

Creature College - Game of the Week

Imagine being educated in a very different way to what you’re used to; a place where weird creatures roam and battles commence. You are a student in Creature College and you want that Creature Cup more than anything else! There are ways to get there, missions to complete and labs to build so what are you waiting for? You need to be ahead of schedule!

Creature College is the ultimate family game created by Happy Otter Games, which is easy to pick up and exciting to play. The game is suitable for ages 8 and up for 2 to 6 players, and a game will take you approximately 45 minutes to get through after the set up. I’m sure you’ll all agree that it simply looks fantastic; the amazing artwork throughout the game by the very talented Mike Legan really sets it’s look apart from the rest and the contents inside the box don’t disappoint either!

A game with a surprising amount of depth hidden beneath a monster-covered exterior. Ideal for families with eager young gamers.

- Nigel Scarfe, Imagination Gaming 

Inside the box, you’ll find a variety of colourful counters, tokens, dice and cards, which all work together to make this game brilliantly unique. Before the game is started, you chose a game board and character along with the correct coloured player pieces and bidding tokens. You then chose a Secret Mission and an Abilities card from a set of three which are placed in the correct places on the board. Creature cards are split between the three different terms in Creature College; Autumn, Winter and Spring and finally, battle cards (which are VERY useful in battles), Element Track Research, Gem Research and Victory Point cards are placed within arm's reach. So, the Autumn Term is here at Creature what? Bidding and battling of course!

It's a heck of a lot of fun, the artwork is beautiful!

- Lance Myxter, Undead Viking Videos

To succeed in Creature College, you need to collect the most victory points.These Victory points can be collected in a number of ways; collecting creatures of different elements for your secret mission, building your five research lab stations, obtaining Victory Point cards or winning battle gems when fighting your opponents! At Creature College, there are 3 bidding rounds in each term, where you bid (and be very careful about this…) for the creatures you need. But beware; your opponents can outbid you, and you’ll have to transfer your bid to another creature! After the bidding rounds comes the battle round, where you put your creatures to the test against your opponents! Oh, we almost forgot; watch out for Kevin. Things could turn nasty...

When the game ends simply add up all your cards containing victory points and battle gems to find out who has the biggest score. This player is crowned the winner and has obtained the Creature College Cup!

Happy Otter Games have created a very informative gameplay video for Creature College! Click here to view.

It (Creature College) just has a lot going for it so that it's going to be very accessible to casual gamers, hardcore gamers and families who just want a good time but want something with more depth and strategy than your typical mass market family weight games.

- Nick Meenachan, Board Game Brawl

Creature College instantly appealed to us. It’s a great game to play for a wide range of gamers; perfect for families with enough depth and strategy to keep even the bigger gamers satisfied. Bidding the most appropriate token and risking your creatures in battle are just some of the challenges you’ll face and decisions you’ll need to make.

Click here to purchase the fantastic Creature College now at an amazing £19.99!



Inter-School Tournaments a Winner!

Over the last 12 months we have had the opportunity to do something new in schools. Inter-School Games Tournaments. And they've proved a massive success...

We've always known that kids (and grownups!) love a bit of healthy competition. That's one of the reasons our school games days and programmes are so successful. The engagement of competitive fun on a level playing field for all means that we can get all kinds of students and teachers navigating educational and social barriers, whilst having a great time. It's easy to do that in a single school (though 5 years ago we wouldn't necessarily have said that) but how to make it something that can easily be introduced to neighbouring schools to help integrate wider communities. I suppose the fact that we even tried it was a sign of how far we'd come.

We have had the opportunity to try this out in a few different scenarios... and it has been an instant hit... we now have schools involved in regular, Inter-School competition, and always eagerly anticipating the next one!


Earlier in the year, thanks to our association with the fantastic Sheffield arm of the Children's University, we were able to start something new with a large number of schools in that area. Essentially, each school were given a box of games specifically designed for the key stage appropriate to them, a gruelling training session* (fun gaming with coffee and biscuits that is!), and some of our own quick-play instructions to help them along. Back at school they introduced regular games clubs and got ready for their age group's inter-school tournament, each of which was a resounding success.

Across the county in Barnsley, with the help of some very impressed headteachers, we also now have plenty of schools involved in various interschool tournaments. The games have become an integral part of many of their school days, not just in clubs, but in the classroom and in family learning worshops too. They are always eagerly anticipating the next tournament and it's truly fantastic to see all the different schools having something to get excited about together, that they can benefit from individually every day too.

Each tournament has involved presentations of trophies, certificates and prizes, and the teachers have a great day too. Split between several schools, the cost becomes almost negligible making it that much more valuable and accesible and best of all, if you host the day, you don't have to pay anything at all!

There'll be plenty more info and examples of Inter-School tournaments appearing soon, but if you want to get ahead of the game and make the first move you can ask for more details right now. You'll find our contact details right here!



New Trophies!

Thought you might like to have a peek at these beauties!

Every time we do an inter-school tournament, which is pretty often these days, at least one of each of these trophies is handed out. And that's on top of all the certificates and any other prizes that may be up for grabs!

The shiny, reflective one goes to the student with the highest individual score on the day. We present it, the school and their mates can be impressed by it, and they can take it home to wow their family and friends permanently.

The  chunky one is for the winning team. Something solid they can display proudly at school to make sure everyone visiting can recognise their success.

Can you see your school celebrating with one of these?...


Why not host an interschool tournament yourselves, invite your local schools and get your hands on our new trophies too!...


SHAKEspeare's Stories in Sheffield Libraries 2016

'Romeo & Juliet'

Natalya - Age 8 - Eccleshall Library


'To Try To Be King'

Emma - Age 12 - Crystal Peaks Library


'ABC and The Short Life Alien'

Julia - Age 10 - Stocksbridge Library


'The Apple Of Fate'

Sayad - Age 12 - Darnall Library


'The Time Juliet Found The Magic Mirror'

Emma - Age 7 - Crystal Peaks Library