Airecon 2019 Inter School Tournament

So, we have just spent a weekend away in Harrogate as part of the terrific Airecon Games Convention, a friendly open gaming event that's rapidly growing in popularity.

Accompanying us on our first day were 47 local school children, who along with their teachers, came to compete in our Inter-School Games Tournament.

A competition with something for everyone! We ensured we had a range of games that would appeal, irrespective of the sort of games you enjoy.

We had a super maths game “Savvy” where prediction and probability plus a bit of luck could earn you points to win the game. Do you play or do you pass and give the next player something to think about?

We had the wonderful word game Bananagrams Junior. Be the first to use all your letters in a connected word grid without a spelling mistake, proper noun or abbreviation?

We also included the fantastic and mesmerising shape game Polyssimo, to test patience and concentration. 

Our final game was Grabolo, a game to test those reflexes and perception. Who has the best eyes and the fastest hands?

The schools that took part were, Rossett Acre, Coppice Valley, Skelton Newby Hall, Woodfield Primary, Staveley Community and Kirk Hammerton all of which had selected a couple of teams to represent their school. Yes, there were prizes to be won but the aim of the day was to have lots of fun!

The competition was close but in the end this year’s winning team came from Rossett Acre School who came out on top and took the winning trophy. Max W from Rossett Acre took the title of highest scoring individual player. Congratulations young man!


The sea of smiles was a sure sign that everyone involved had a great time. Here's just some of the other teams: 

After such a fantastic day, we look forward to returning to Harrogate and working with the Rossett Acre teams and their friends soon...

... and of course if you would like more information on how to go about organising your very own Inter-School Games Tournament, get in touch!


Airecon 2020 Inter School Tournament

On the 13th March Imagination Gaming returned to Harrogate to take part in this year’s Airecon Games Convention, a friendly open gaming event.

Like previous years we were joined on day 1 by a selection of schools. We had Primary Schools attend all eager to take part in our Inter-School Games Tournament and for the first time ever some Secondary School pupils who took part in our Games Workshop.

The Primary School pupils supported by their wonderful teachers got to play lots of cool games, we had:

Jungle Speed, a fast and furious game of perception and reactions! One where you must rely on your keen sense of observation and quick reflexes.

Rat a Tat Cat, a game of suspense, strategy and anticipation. A fun numbers card game with cats and rats. You must have a good memory and careful observation is key!

City of Zombies, a fast, frantic and fun maths-by-stealth board game. Using maths skills to defeat the advancing horde of Zombies!

PDQ, The Pretty Darn Quick Word Game! Try to make a word out of the letters SMP. Sound SiMPle? How about PTR? Get the PicTuRe?

Finally we had Fruit Punch, a fun match-based math game where kids try to match fruit cards that add up to exactly 5. Be the first to whack the squeaky Banana and claim all the cards for your deck.

A competition with something for everyone!

The Schools taking part in this year's competition were, Colton Primary, Coppice Valley, Rossett Acre, Staveley Community and Kirk Hammerton all of which had selected a couple of teams to represent their school.

Yes, there were prizes to be won but the aim of the day was as always to have lots of fun and the photos with smiles galore are proof themselves that the day was a huge success.

The competition was close and during the afternoon our winning school changed several times but in the end (drum roll please……)

this year’s winning team came from…….


Our highest scoring individual player this year went to Harvey T from Coppice Valley Primary School. Well done buddy! 

Display your winning trophies with pride.


As for the Secondary School Pupils, a selection of Year 8, 9 and 10 students from Hanson Academy, Bradford joined us. They spent the morning playing a selection of older games and the afternoon they explored the event in all its glory. We even introduced them all to some of the incredible Games Companies.

What a fantastic first day to our Airecon 2020 experience.

We thank you all for your time spent with us and we hope you all liked your Goody Bags. This year every team went back to school with a selection of fun and challenging games.

Here’s a few of the teams that took part this year… we are missing a couple of schools due to photo consent, but you know who you are and thank you for taking part. Infact thank you to all teams for coming along, we had a wonderful time and look forward to seeing you again next year...

Put the date in your calendar Friday 5th March and tell all your neighbouring schools let’s see if we can make 2021 bigger than ever!