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Pupil Referral Units and Secure Care Centres


Imagination Gaming specialises in engaging even the most disaffected learners, offering solutions to social and skills development through play… not through technology, but through face-to-face interactions with each other. Not only can we capture your students imagination, but create a fun and enjoyable environment for all!

“They have a great rapport with the pupils and always keep them engaged and inspired… ...they are especially skilled at working with those outside the mainstream”

Sian Lang, Grove House Special School, Essex


We understand just how difficult it can be to engage students in Pupil Referral Units, Secure Care Centre’s and other similar facilities. Never mind trying to teach the curriculum, just getting them sat down and listening can be a daily battle… but we can genuinely help with that and more.



Irrespective of the level of SEN, we can offer something interesting and inspirational to those with profound, medical, social, emotional and psychological barriers to learning.

With a wealth of experience working with hard to reach students, since 2007 Imagination Gaming have made incorporating games simple, beneficial and most crucially, sustainable. We can provide instant and regular intervention to inspire your students towards winning ways!

I have in the past and will continue to recommended Imagination Gaming to any provision or school...

Victoria Whittaker, Highwell Special School, Wakefield


It’s widely researched and well recognised that play is one of the most effective ways to engage anyone, but knowing exactly what activities to use, with who, and how to deliver them to support your objectives in school, can be a puzzle in itself.



With a team experienced in these environments, we can use our unique approach to not only capture their attention, but hold their interest and start to challenge their thinking and behaviours. Coupled with unparalleled access to an amazing range of a new breed of games from all over the world, we use intriguing modern twists on traditional style table-top games to engage, enthuse and educate all ages, abilities and attitudes.

“For the past 4 years… … flexible, conscientious and consistent, IG offer an innovative approach for students to access embedded literacy, numeracy, social and communication skills.”

Richard Smith, High Needs Provision, Sheffield Council


Easy to start, visually appealing games with instant gratification are key to distracting and enticing wandering minds, while clever mechanics and hilarious interactions keep students curious!



From there we can introduce a range of activities and challenges that on one level appear to be simply fun and intriguing, but begin to develop and support crucial social and curriculum skills in a liberating atmosphere that both students and staff look forward to.



Socially, games can challenge and shape a wealth of behaviours and opinions.

Playing cooperatively or competitively to achieve group or individual goals is a fantastic way to get even the most reticent of learners to think about their actions and decisions, and how this will affect not only their own aspirations but the reactions of others too. This in turn focuses their minds to how they interact with the people around them. For example, negotiation through teamwork and bluff, and appreciating the goals of others, helps to strengthen communication skills and develop empathy and understanding too.


“Great to see staff and students talking, laughing, concentrating and embracing their competitive side with no electronic devices in sight”

Nicola Thompson-Dewey, Head of Access to Learning, Barnsley College


Equally, all games support and develop key curriculum skills such as mathematics and language.

Games that require discussion and decision making, verbal and non-verbal communication, or more directly clever word-play and expression make language more interesting and exciting. At the same time games challenge all kinds of mathematical thinking, be it simple number-play, an understanding of shape and balance, probability and risk assessment, or clear process, strategy and logical thinking, your students will be making strides they don’t even realise!



“When Imagination Gaming arrive with their own brand of enthusiasm and skills we see full participation and not just for short periods. It is a real pleasure to see the Xbox generation interact with each other in such a sustained, positive manner...”

Ian Fowler, Learning Coordinator, Aldine House, Sheffield


Our games days and programmes can focus on:

Social skills - cooperation, negotiation, competition and empathy. 

Mathematical skills - numbers, shape and risk assessment.

Literacy Skills - written, verbal and non-verbal communication.


...and the games and activities can develop and support:

Curriculum Based Knowledge

Social & Emotional Development

Problem Solving

Planning & Strategic Thinking

Cognitive Development

Motor Skills

We offer all of the above and much more, from short term programmes to weekly intervention, all to make your learning environment even more appealing and successful. If you would like more, give us a call or contact us directly using the form below!


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