Literacy Days

Improve Your Word-Play

The ability to communicate effectively is without doubt the most important skill throughout life. The capacity to explain oneself and understand others will define a person’s integration into society, their confidence and aspirations, and is the foundation to successful learning in all subjects. We can help those new to the English language and those developing their skills throughout childhood, with more expressive games that primarily serve to boost confidence in class and bring them into the conversation. Reading, writing, speech, vocabulary, spelling and wordplay - we have plenty of games focused on basic communication skills that can begin with fun and inviting game play, but also lead to in-depth conversation and investigation, and inspire projects to directly target the nuances of language schools are charged with delivering. The interaction and competition in playing them (often involving teamwork) help to make the topics a lot less intimidating, to expand the boundaries of their imagination and help make their goals more achievable.

Mixed Messages...

We have all received a text message and thought... Eh?! In a world where quick messaging through technology becomes more and more prevalent, an appreciation of context, meaning and constructive grammar is a must. We bring games and activities that challenge extended vocabulary, word association, lateral thinking, meaning and interpretation - all equally vital in getting the message across. Body language can speak volumes too as hand gestures, physical representation and facial expressions are all part of everyday communication too. Simple games that include gesticulation, direction and emotional expression can also highlight another strand of communication... and be very funny too!

Something To Talk About...

Run throughout the day, these sessions include games that can be played in small, supported groups for those less able, larger self-reliant groups and even whole class groups if appropriate. The teachers will love the simple mechanics of the games that make them easy to use, whilst being challenging and clever enough to make a real difference - and the pupils will have something new and exciting to talk about in class.

I found the Imagination Gaming Workshop both fun and educational, Nigel managed to engage some of our most vulnerable and least able students in such a way that their confidence in numeracy and literacy flourished, the children enjoyed themselves so much the learning became fluid and spontaneous - Monica, Behaviour Manager, Leeds.


A Literacy Games Day Includes:

  • Games sessions throughout the day with children and staff
  • Breakfast Club activity
  • Lunchtime Games Club
  • Optional After school Event for families and staff
  • A copy of all the games for you to keep - worth £200

What Actually Happens

In planning your day we will discuss with you exactly which pupils and staff will benefit from involvement in the day's activities to ensure you can easily continue to reap the rewards of your games day long after we have gone, and to help you do that, you will get to keep all the games used on the day. We will also give you the knowledge, motivation and confidence to make the most of your games in lessons, clubs, organised events and reward time, and do it all through play. All we need from you is a space to play, tables and chairs!
Throughout the day we will run a combination of structured lesson-time sessions for targeted groups as well as activities to fuel a breakfast club, lunchtime activity and after school event to suit your timetable and needs. As lessons continue elsewhere, focused groups of children with a member of staff will experience their own games session, away from their usual classroom, and become experts in a selection of games with the ability to mentor their new found skills far and wide.
Outside time-tabled hours, Breakfast club is an excellent opportunity for us to give a glimpse of the day ahead and create some excitement, while lunch time is a fantastic opportunity for those involved to teach a friend what they have learned and show the teachers they are ready to and able to have a regular games club, and how easy it is to run.
The end of the day is a chance to invite families and carers to come and experience the games, appreciate the value of this approach and to discover a new and easily accessible way to engage with their children that they can really enjoy too! This is also an excellent opportunity for the school to reach out to the community and influence further positive engagement for children, outside the school environment.

What It All Means...

The result is increased confidence in playing with language, thus opening up communicative doors not only in literacy based studies but in other lessons as well, and all interactions throughout school life.

Your Move

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