Holiday and Transitional Activities

A Holiday To Remember...

Children can have varied outlooks on the holiday period. For some it is an exciting opportunity to enjoy their time with friends or hobbies, whilst for some it can be  - well - uneventful and boring! We have a wealth of experience in holiday activities to satisfy both ends of the spectrum, and clearly recognise the difference in mood and expectation when school is 'out'. As such it is a fantastic opportunity for us to bring some of the more unusual games and ideas that have that ‘cool factor’.


Numeracy & Literacy Based Gaming

Mad Scientist & Dragon's Den Workshops

Story Challenge & Creative Writing

Team-Building Activities

Whether you are running single days or daily provision throughout a summer school, we can mix games and workshops over a number of days to keep everyone occupied, having fun and doing something different. If you are looking to integrate a group of children from different schools, areas or backgrounds, these games are great.

We will have your group mixing, playing and laughing together not just with each other, but crucially with the adults as well.


Have Fun and Make Friends...

Whether you have a specific topic you would like to inject some fun into, are looking to introduce varied groups to something new, reward the children or get something cool for summer school, we can keep them entertained for days with a wealth of activities and an endless supply of games!

Cool cards, intriguing boards, collectible dice and roleplay. Balancing buildings, buying and selling, cunning and stealth, perception and strategy, speed and timing, secrecy and bluff. Throw in some oversized games and creative and competitive workshops and there’s something for everyone.

Ooops, I May Have Learned Something New!...

The best bit about all the games we use, even on days like these, is that the kids (and the adults!) will still be learning.

Every single game we play will, unwittingly, encourage participants to focus on a new skill, stretch their current knowledge and challenge and showcase their social and behavioural skills... They won’t notice - just don’t tell!

I really enjoyed this session and all of the games. I enjoy it because I like board games. I use my thinking skills for some of the games  and I use maths skills for others. I have not always played board games because I have a playstation but I am going to ask my parents if they will buy me some board games because I enjoy them. Zeeshan, age 13


What Actually Happens

Every Holiday or Transitional day aims to create a reassuring environment to encourage positive social interaction. We can easily assess your particular requirements and carefully prepare activities that concentrate on breaking down potential barriers quickly and engaging children and staff in fun and challenging games that encourage just the right balance of teamwork and competition to make every day a success. New friendships are formed, existing ones are enhanced and starting the new term is something to look forward to even more!


Holiday and Transitional Activities Include:

  • A range of game based activities and workshops to choose from
  • Flexible activities to suit range of ages, abilities and numbers on the day
  • Sessions throughout the day to suit the timetable
  • Optional Afterschool event for families and children available

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