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Your Venue - Our Ideas

From community events to private functions, organised play to free-for-all, we can give you something special that will can be tailored to your location, schedule, goals and audience accordingly.

Festivals, Fetes and Fayres

Imagination Gaming can fit into small spaces just as well as big ones, inside and out. We can bring a large and varied selection of games to suit every need and inject some sunshine into even the smallest marquee - even if it tips it down! We also have some BIG games that always garner attention and add a level of intrigue to the experience. If you are looking for something to add appeal and diversity to your celebration, we can offer something eye-catching, engaging and entertaining to for all ages to have a go at. Whether it's a street market, themed festival or community celebration we have done it - and then been asked to do it again and again!


In case you didn't already know, we run the Family Zone at the annual UK Games Expo in Birmingham. Five years ago the Family Zone was essentially a table and 4 or 5 chairs, now it's the largest single demonstration area in the UK's largest gaming convention. Every year our area unique area gets bigger and more importantly the convention itself attracts more visitors year on year that quote the Family Zone as a direct reason why. We could do that for you to as an added attraction or to provide the ideal diversion for some of the family whilst others focus on your conventions message.


Of course games beget competition and competition shouts "Tournament"! We can easily organise tournaments for established game groups and one off events alike and balance the levels of fun and competition accordingly. Inter-school tournaments are a great way to link schools and spread good practice and are proving extremely popular with those schools that request it, leading to regular term based events.


Games aren't just for kids! Truth be told, most of our games were designed for adults in the first place - that's what makes them so interesting. These, coupled with the workshops that we design to encourage teamwork, competition, leadership, negotiation and a host of others, provide a range of activities that we tailor to a host of corporate events. Whether you want to engage your team to hone specific skills, encourage team-building exercises or simply to offer some competitive or light relief from the norm, we will give them something to think about!


There's always something different from the usual - and that's what we excel at. If you have an idea based on anything above, or something completely different, just get in touch and we'll make something to suit you personal needs.

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