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Wildlife Safari







15 min

On safari in Africa, you might be able to spot lions, rhinos, elephants, leopards, and zebras, but in this game, you will spot them for sure! But can you guess which ones will be worth the most at the end of this safari?

Play the right cards at the right time, collect the best animals, score the most points and win the game. This kid-friendly title, designed by Reiner Knizia, has easy and quick rules, it is fast to learn and yet challenging to play—for all family members young and old.

The beautifully painted animal miniatures of this game will immediately appeal to younger family members. Wildlife Safari encourages advanced planning but also requires flexible thinking as the every-changing stacks of exposed cards reveal different values affecting your ever-growing animal collection.

Get the high cards of your animal collection out on top of the stacks before any one animal species stack reaches 6 cards and triggers the game end.

Have you maximized the value of your safari anmals enough to win?

Product Contains: 

25 Finely Molded & Painted Animal Miniatures—5 each: elephants, rhinos, lions, leopards, zebras

30 Artistic Animal Cards (6 of each animal, numbered 0 to 5)

Game Rules

Curriculum Topic: 


IG Family Classic award