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Werewolves of Miller's Hollow

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25 min

The tiny town of Millers Hollow is stunned by the discovery that it harbours werewolves, who, under the cover of darkness, kidnap and devour the towns folks. Organizing themselves to unmask any and all of their neighbours that are monster-by-night. The tows folk have called a meeting... They lynch the beasts to remove the evil presence from their quiet town forever. To discover the fiends, a meeting is called night after night, bringing all the town’s folks together.  An array of remarkable characters are assembled. The town Psychic, a group of local hunters, two lovers, the Police Captain, as well as a very nosy little girl. This diverse group will lead the inquiry and ultimately, decide the Miller Hollows’ Fate. But.... Shh!!! As night falls closer, close your eyes and be very quiet. If not, the werewolves may come, take you thus making you the next victim if you are not careful!

A social deduction game of distrust, suspicion, and survival for groups of eight to eighteen players. As the tiny hamlet of Miller's Hollow lies beset by monstrous enemies, players secretly assume the roles of its various townsfolk, organising to uncover the lycanthropic murderers and save their town.