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Vote Me


Vote Me! is a party game for 3-10 people or more when multiple copies are combined.

A family friendly game where players split into even sized groups.  Each round (3-9 rounds in a game) one person from each group gives a 1-minute speech on the randomly chosen Policy and Theme for the round, where Policies are the standard political fare, but the variety of themes (including magic, characters, household objects, colours, & many others) add humour to the game!

At the end of a round all players vote for the speech they deem “best”, with the group with the most votes winning the round, and the group winning the most rounds wins the game.

Vote ME! isn't just entertaining and challenging, but can build confidence in speaking publicly/in groups, encourages literacy and communications skills, it involves elements of social reasoning (what can I say to impress the others to vote for me) and ultimately, quick thinking.