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30 min

Voila is frantically fun party game for all ages!

The timekeeper turns the sand timer over, but puts a hand in front of it so the active player can’t see how much time has passed.

The active player takes a random stone out of the bag and, depending on the stone’s colour, he performs an action — does nothing, draws one or two cards and performs task shown on the card. He tries to manage everything before the time is up.

A player can end his turn after performing the action by shouting “Voila!” or take another challenge, not knowing how much time is left.

If all the tasks are done, player receives all the cards used with the points on them. But if the time is up before that — he does not receive any points.

The game ends when each player has been the active player three times. The winner is the player who has the most points in total.

Product Contains: 

6 acrobat figures;

10 object tiles;

80 cards; 

1 cloth bag; 

1 Action Overview tile; 

25 plastic stones (12 yellow, 8 red, 5 blue);

1 sand timer;

game rules.