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Tumble Tree

Offer Price£14.00






20 min

Leopards leap, bats fly, snakes slither and toucans swoop onto the Baobab tree, in this game of skill and strategy... and silliness!

The tin doesnt just keep the cards safe, it also forms the trunk of your tree, onto which the branch, leaf and animal cards must be played.

Each player declares how many of their share of the cards they will attempt to play on their turn... 1, 2, or 3... before then attempting to land them on the ever-expanding tree. But be warned, any cards knocked off or incorrectly played are taken back into a seperate points pile for each player.

The game ends when one player has gone through their original deck of cards, but the winner is the player who has collected the least cards, so playing too many cards on your go could be a dangerous game.

Beware of overloading branches and the stinging bees as you try to get rid of all your cards first!



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