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Take It Easy European Edition







20 min

‘Take it Easy!’ has won numerous awards, including a nomination for Spiel des Jahres (Game of the Year) in Germany in 1994. Spiel des Jahres is recognised as being the most prestigious award in the world of gaming.

Definitely one of our most popular games... It’s a puzzle, it’s a maze, it’s a game! It’s all three and much more!

Place your pieces one at a time on the board. Try to form continuous rows of colour from edge to edge. But one wrong tile and the whole row is worthless. It gets harder as the number of empty spaces on your board, and your possible choices, diminish, since once a tile is placed, it can’t be moved!

Everyone has the same chance as everyone else, because everyone plays the same tiles in the same order. But all the boards will be different at the end and only one player will have used the tiles the best way, scored the most points, and won the game!

Curriculum Topic: 




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