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10 min

TAC-TICS is a quick play football card game. You are the Manager of a football team and the match is about to start. To score a goal you must get all your players into their correct positions before your opponent. With 8 different formations to choose from take it in turns to reveal, swap and exchange your players on your way to scoring.

TAC-TICS - How many games can you go unbeaten?

Ideally a 2-player game although it may be played solo or played by all your family and friends by creating your very own mini league or knock out tournament.

Intuitive and fun to play, easy to remember and designed for equal play between children and adults.

A light strategic game with multiple play modes that develops early strategising, problem solving skills and memory recall.

Choose either the RED team of 20 cards or the BLUE team of 20 cards. Decide who will start and select 1 of the 8 formations available. Shuffle the cards and lay out face down 11 cards in any order matching the pattern of your chosen formation.  Place the remaining 9 cards face down in a pile creating a Subs Bench.  Now take it in turns to either “Reveal”, “Swap” or “Replace” your cards.  The objective of the game is to score a goal by getting all of your players into their correct positions before your opponent.  There are “Club”, “International” and “World Cup” versions of the rules to add different levels of complexity.