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Sussed? Out Of The Blue

Sussed Out Of The Blue






20 min

Have fun swapping views on discovering parallel universes, drinking camel's milk,controlling power hungry heads of state, cloning an extinct species, judging The Worst Shoe Awards, uploading emotions to a computer - and over 200 other conversation topics! (Boosts critical thinking - level 3/3.)

A family friendly quiz game

Inspires face-to-face conversation

Challenges players to figure each other out

You will need your powers of reason and intuition

Discover who knows who best

Hilarious and unpredictable

Increases self-awareness and empathy

Gets everyone listening and talking

Pocket-sized, easy to play,

2 - 10 players, age 15-100

55 scenario cards, 150 score sheets, rules

Not suitable for children under 3 years

Note: Studies show that face-to-face conversation helps us feel great about ourselves, connect with others… And live longer, no less! (age 15+).

Curriculum Topic: