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Snap Fit

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10 min

A fun, fast, and active card game based on the classic game of snap with a twist where children carry out crazy, fun actions!

Taking a favourite card game, snap, which hasn’t changed for 153 years, and making it adventurous, fun, fast and furious, with increasing emphasis on health and wellbeing.

A game for 2 to 4 players, SNAPFIT is a matching card game, where the cards are matched the players must identify the match / action and shout snapfit to win the cards in the pile.  The winner counts to 10 whilst the other players carry out the action.   

A water break card allows you to opt out of the action, but this can only be used once by each player in the game.  If a sweat pit card  comes into play, the action on the underlying card must be performed by everyone unless you opt out by using a water break card.

If you run out of cards you are still in the game, as everyone continues to carry out the actions until there is a winner.  The winner is the player with all the cards.



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