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Shadows: Amsterdam

Offer Price£14.00






30 min

A crime has been committed. The police investigation is going nowhere. Your detective agency was tasked by a client to investigate… but another agency is on the case as well! In Shadows – Amsterdam, compete against a rival team in a real-time competition, using pictures to communicate within your own team. Follow the leads of your intelligence officer to move from tile to tile through the city. Find three pieces of evidence and deliver them to the client before your opponents! The police don’t want you on the case, so you’d best stay out of their way…

The game involves a high cooperation between the players in each team. The confrontation between the two teams creates a funny game atmosphere. The beautiful illustrations of the tiles and cards help players to enter this “zootopiatic” Amsterdam. By the bye, people who know or love Amsterdam will recognize many places.

The skills you can build/gain from the gameinclude deduction, observation, logic, high resistance to stress, team play/teambuilding, and thinking quickly and efficiently. After the game, certainly an ability to forgive!

Team leaders have to plan their optimal way, then be able to adapt it because they might be not understood. As a detective, I try to keep the former clues close to me to better understand where I was supposed to go a couple rounds before.



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