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Run, Run Robot ESC

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20 min

ESC is a robot that distributes candy to children. One night, he apparently connected the charging cable and shut down the system, and when he opened his eyes, he found that it was in a robot dump. To escape to an emergency exit, he has to control the compressor in the robot dump and move on the road! Players must use a dice designed to control the compressor to help the ESC move safely. It is a cooperative game that collects candy according to the degree of help and win the game.  Players can learn about algorithm and sequence among the factors of computing thinking which is the purpose of coding education.

My name is Robot ESC... I give candies to children.
I plugged the charging cable and turned off, but found myself in robot dump! What happened? I’m still good enough!
The green light at the end of the passage looks like an EXIT. I need a friend to help me stop compressors and pass through. I will give you my candies... So, please help me!


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