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Quirk Legends

Offer Price£7.00






20 min

The second game in the Quirk! series and great for those who love to challenge their imagination.

A game of good versus evil with mythical creatures. You will act out characters such as unicorns, dragons, superheroes, evil villains and wizards. Steal using fairy dust and potions, defend with the shield of Quirks and skip turns using adventure themed cards.

Simply, express the character you want from another player with your most exhilarating impression. If you've chosen well, you'll be closer to winning a Quirk! If not, you can always steal one later using a tactic card, giving you plenty of opportunities to win and prove you are the quirkiest!

Quirk! is the perfect travel game to excite even more of your family and friends (and witness their hilarious impressions), fitting soundly in a hoody pocket or small bag. 

Embrace your quirks today, because you should feel celebrated for the things that make you, you!