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Poor Knight







30 min

In the Middle Ages, knights were very special people. They defended the king and the nobles and their lands, and participated in tournaments, where not only the nobility gathered to watch the action, but also beautiful ladies as well. Anything could happen in a tournament, inducing tears or laughter.

In the strategic educational game ‘The Poor Knight’, children train their capacity to group, relate and summarise information, to recognise geometric figures and compare them, as well as to notice similarities and differences.

The game consists of four tournament rounds. During the first tournament there is one battle, in the second tournament two battles and so on. In total there are 1+2+3+4=10 battles from which players are trying to gather as many points as possible.

The gameplay is based around knight cards and battle cards. The battle cards give 1-2 pieces of information, for example heraldic animal and color. They're also worth points. The knight cards each have some info that corresponds to a number of battle cards. During a battle a battle card is first turned face up. Players can then participate in the battle with any knight cards that have any matching information to the battle card. These are played by a blind bidding mechanism. There are also some force cards that add to the total power of your knight cards. The player that plays the highest total power of knight cards wins the battle and claims the battle card. Only after the end of the tournament the players get to replenish their hands with new cards.



64 knight cards,
20 tournament cards,
24 cards with additional points,
6 refusal to fight cards



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