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OK, Chume, Boom

Offer Price£9.00






15 min

Abu, the photographer, is going to take some group photos for you.
The problem is, he always commands people to make gestures by his order. You better do what he wants or he will get impatient and mad!

OK, Chume, Boom! is a real-time dexterity game with both cooperation and competition modes. Each round player(s) must perform specific gestures following the icons on the revealed tokens. If someone fails, they won't score points and Abu will get angry little by little. Try hard to follow Abu's orders and become the best photo actor!

Develop eye-hand coordination, encourage matching skills and quick thinking skill.

Concepts of Play Again Series

PLAY AGAIN series is specially designed for preschoolers, to provide a playful scenario for families to have fun. The game will enhance the parental relationship, and the parents will see how children learn while playing. There is no end to the learning and the fun.



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