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Maths Is Fun

Maths is fun






20 min

3 card games to make Math fun!

Children can practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, order of operations, parentheses in mathematical expressions in a fun and enticing way.

The games cover the mathematics curriculum for 2nd grade in Bulgaria.

1. Math me!

Objective: Calculate numbers as close to the target number as possible and minimize the sum of your penalty points.

Each player takes 5 cards with numbers; two cards are turned over to form a target number; a card with a combination of signs is also placed on the table. Each player aims to calculate – with all 5 cards and the arithmetic operations from the face-up card with signs – the target number or a number that is very close to it. Each player may request to swap one of their cards with another card from the numbers stack.

Penalty points are calculated for each player for each round – the absolute value of the difference between the target number and the player’s calculated number. After 5 rounds, the penalty points for each player are summed up. “Divide by 2 Bonus” - if a player has 0 penalty points for a round, they may divide the penalty points from their worst round by 2. The winner is the player that has the smallest sum of penalty points.

The other two games are easier and do not use division.


2. Math Wars for 2 players

Objective: Win all the cards.

The rules of the game are the same as in the traditional War card game with the following exception:

If the turned up cards are equal, the tied cards stay on the table and both players turn up the next cards from their stacks – as many cards as depicted on the tied cards. For example, if the war is with 1s, each player turns up 4 cards and uses them for the arithmetic operations shown on the tied cards; if one of the players has turned up 0, 5, 10 and 2, they can calculate 10х5+0+2=52. Whoever calculates the higher number with their 4 cards, collects all the cards on the table and adds them to their stack.


3. Math Wars for 2+ players

Objective: Win all the cards.

All the cards are dealt out evenly among the players. Players hold their stacks of cards face down without looking at the cards. The youngest player begins by turning up the top card of his stack and placing it on the table – the problem-card. Then, each player turns over the required number of cards from the top of his stack and uses them to solve the math problem depicted on the problem-card. If the number depicted on the problem card is large (in font size), the player, who can calculate the largest number, wins the round; if the number depicted on the problem card is small, the player, who can calculate the smallest number, wins the round. The player, who won the problem, collects all the turned up cards (including the problem-card) and adds them to the bottom of their stack. Then, the same player turns over the next problem-card.

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