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LUPO The Space Adventure

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60 min

LUPO: The Space Adventure is a collaborative and creative storytelling card game that takes you and your friends, family members or the whole school classroom on a ridiculous sci-fi adventure.

When planet earth turns into a tiny raisin, it´ s up to you and your friends to blast off beyond the stars and create a new home for humanity!

Take over the role as a Chiefonaut, Stylonaut, Protectonaut, Diplonaut or Bionaut and get ready for a close encounter with fantastical new worlds and species. Let your imagination run wild as you bring your ideas to life - from pen and paper blueprints to your own spectacular spaceship.

In school...

LUPO: The Space Adventure is a dynamic new resource for teachers who believe in the power of creative thinking. Start your journey today and encourage your pupils to solve problems, work as a team and relate to one another in new and exciting ways, with a flexible system that adapts to your needs and allows you to modify it as you wish.



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