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Lets Catch The Lion







10 min

Let’s Catch the Lion is a SUPERB board-game for two players, can be learnt in just seconds, and in which you can experience all main elements of shōgi – the Japanese equivalent of chess!

Games are relatively quick, but DO NOT be fooled by its cartoonish appearance, this game is exceptionally thoughtful, and a fantastic challenge for any chess lovers, or indeed any fan of 2 player strategy games. The pieces are shaped like wood blocks and there are dots on the pieces to show you how you can move them, so really easy to get to grips with fast.

The aim of the game is simple, either capture your opponents lion, or advance your lion to the opposite row of the board which is made of 4 rows of just 3 squares each, and each player has a set of the same 4 different animal-pieces, starting opposite each other on the board.

The Elephant can only move diagonally, the giraffe orthogonally, the lion can move in any direction while the chicken (yes chicken!) can only move forward. All these animals can only move one square per turn, either to an empty space or onto an opponents animal, occupying that space and removing that animal from the field of play. Any captured animals become yours, and on any subsequent turn can be placed back on the board (rather than making a move) as part of your team, simply by facing them the other way around.

What else... oh yes... there's the Super- Chicken!!! If you manage to advance your chicken to the opposite side of the board, it flips over and becomes Super-Chicken, now able to move a lot more freely and to more devastating effect!

Madoka Kitao and Maiko Fujita, two Ladies-Professional Shōgi players, worked together to create this fascinating game, that works really well as an accessible but challenging game for all ages!




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