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Kuna Yala (Djeco)

Kuna Yala





A fishy game of strategy!

From above the water, players add fish or on the contrary, make them disappear. Not so easy to play without the others figuring out your strategy!

The players each receive a type of fish which they do not reveal to the others and each try to ensure that there are more of their fish than of any other type of fish on the table at the end of the game.

On your turn, choose two cards from the stack: place one in your school of fish, and the other in an opponent’s school. The rules for laying fish down are simple: the card you lay down must have something in common with the cards next to it (background colour or type of fish).

If a row of three cards of the same background colour is formed, these fish are turned over, and transformed into fish bones.

There are also special cards which influence the game too... catch this game if you can!


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