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Katamino Classic

Katamino Classic






15 min

Katamino at it's best - an addictive puzzle you can't put down!

Katamino is a superb puzzle, and a challenging game in which players try to make rectangles, known as ‘Penta’ of varying size. They can begin with just 3 pieces or use 4, 5, 6 right up to using all 12.

The more pieces they use, the harder the puzzle is making Katamino suitable for any age or ability. With over 350 puzzle suggestions in the box and more than 36,000 ‘Penta’ combinations Katamino is outstanding value.

Katamino can also help children understand the basic concepts of geometry and develop their observation and powers of logical while enjoying themselves. It can also bolster fine motor skills and spatial awareness. Recognized through numerous international awards it is one of the games purchased most often by schools, testimony to its educational value.

Product Contains: 

12 wooden coloured pentaminos
5 small red pieces and 3 small maroon pieces
1 game board
1 slider to define the chosen playing area on the board
Game instructions: 6 grids to produce the Slams, 2D and 3D pattern
1 two-players chequered board.

Curriculum Topic: 




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