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Hanna Honeybee (HABA)







10 min

Hanna Honeybee flies over the colorful wildflower meadow. And just like a busy bee, she collects loads of nectar to bring back to the hive. Hanna’s friends are waiting to turn the nectar into wonderfully sweet honey.

Players play cooperatively to take turns to roll the dice and try to find one of the 10 flowers to match the colour rolled. Correct flowers are flown to the hive, turned into honey and dripped into the honey jar! If the wrong flower is revealed, not to worry, hide it again but remember where it is for next time. Roll a dead flower and you'll have to remove a flower from the game!

Can you turn 6 flowers into honey and fill the jar, before running out of flowers?!

Who will help Hanna to make enough honey to fill the whole honey pot?

Product Contains: 

1 beehive (= insertion and box bottom),

1 Hanna Honeybee,

10 flower tiles

honey pot (= deposit board)

1 die

1 game instructions.

Material: Cardboard, Wood



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