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Glisse Glace (Djeco)







15 min

The object of Glisse Glace is to flick your puck as close to a baby penguin as possible without knocking anything over!

You sit the 3 daddy penguins on the triangular icebergs on the table: they delimit the playing area. You then place each of the 4 baby penguins on a puck in the middle of the playing area. You stack the counters into 5 piles, by colour, with the penguin side face up, next to the playing area. The players each take a puck.

In turn, the players try to move their puck by flicking it towards the baby penguins. As soon as a player is close enough to a baby penguin for it to slide across onto her puck, she can take the top counter from the pile of the same colour as the baby she just moved, place it in front of her, and she thereby wins the points indicated on the back of the counter.

As soon as the first pile of counters has been exhausted, the game stops and you count your points.

Beware! If you knock over a penguin (a daddy or a baby) you have to take the top counter from the “cross daddy” pile, that can cost you points!

A super slippery game of skill and strategy!





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