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Welcome to Glimpse, a fun, family game of friendship!

In the game, two teams compete to make friends through acting, miming, singing, dancing, describing, and generally being silly.

Each team consists of a "Glimpser" and the rest play their "Helpers". In front of you are sixteen character cards, each with different colored tokens. Unfortunately, your Glimpser is wearing special "Glimpse Glasses" which render them colorblind, so their Helpers must guide them to choosing friends that score points and avoiding those that cost points.

The Glimpser's role is to ask the right questions and pick the best friends. Helpers must sing, dance, describe or mime their way to victory, perhaps by doing "an impression of them at a party" and while they are there, describing "what they would order at a pizza restaurant"... all in order to help the Glimpser choose the right characters and score the most points!