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Frozen Noggin

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10 min

Whether you are pining for your next ski or snowboarding holiday, having a white out day at resort and don't want to lose those ski vibes or just love card games; Frozen Noggin is for you. The fantastic ski resort themed card game for all the family. Taking you high off into the mountain, up gondolas, down red runs, off to ski school, apres ski and everyones' favourite snow falling and beloved fresh powder! The game that can be easily played around a table or on the floor has it all!

It's less about who wins and more, not being the Frozen Noggin: the last one to get rid of their cards!

Being the first to get rid of all their cards, having "skied" the fictitious alpine resort of "Jouons aux Cartes"! Play continues until there is one player remaining who is branded the "Frozen Noggin". 

Each player in turn plays the same value card, higher, a trump card or must pick up the cards previously put down. When playing it is encouraged to articulate the card being played. 

Memory, strategy, stimulate conversation and imagination.



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