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Four In The Forest

Four In The Forest

In the forest, there are many animals to be seen... Do you know where the animals are hiding?

Players need to look very carefully in order to remember where animal cards are situated and use this to their advantage. Vier Im Wald (which translates as Four in the Forest) is a great little compact game, perfect for on the go or for a quick game anywhere!

Suitable for ages 5+ and for 2 to 4 players. Game time can vary from 5-20 minutes; the more practice you get, the quicker you will be able to memorise the cards and identify their correct locations!

To set up a game, the 9 cards are laid face up in the centre of all players and the game box is placed to the side for now; it's needed soon! Inside the lid of the boxes and the box itself, you'll notice grids with the same pictures as the cards. The two wooden discs are placed in the box and in the lid.

Players take it in turns to shake the lid or the box to make the disc move. They then try to remember where the animal is that the disc lands on. If the player chooses the correct card, they take it. If not, it is flipped back over for the next player. Remember which cards have been revealed and where they were situated!

A brilliant little game perfect for brushing up on those memory skills!