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Foul Play Once Upon A Crime







15 min

There's been a murder and we need your help to solve it! Can you uncover the Mystery behind the Manor House Murder or the Conundrum in Once Upon A Crime? It's time to put those little grey cells to the test as the card game is afoot, but other detectives are on the case too! You’ll need to swap, steal and search for the evidence in order to scupper the other detectives and sleuth your way to victory.

Playing as detective, you’ll need to find the three evidence cards that point to a specific suspect in order to catch a killer in this crazy criminal caper. Will you uncover them in the crime scene? Could the other detectives be willing to collaborate and share their findings? Or will you resort to more tricky tactics, and plunder the proof you need to solve this crime?

There's more than one way to catch a killer though. So what's it gonna be? Good Cop or Bad Cop? These two game versions come with their own set of rules and tactics to crack the case and finger your suspect, but will you use fair play or FOUL PLAY?



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