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Doodle Rush

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15 min

Doodle Rush is a fast-paced party game for three to six players aged 10 years and up.

Loud, sometimes hectic and always super fun — an energizing addition to any friends or family event.

Each player has to draw the words written on his cards and then guess what others have drawn. The game consists of three drawing rounds and three guessing rounds that each take one minute and follow each other with no pause. A genuine adrenaline rush!

Doodle Rush can be played with easy or difficult words. Choose the yellow side of the cards for an easy game and the blue side for a hard game. Each player gets one drawing marker and six drawing boards of his color. The sand timer is played in the middle of the table.

The game starts with a drawing round, which is followed by a guessing round, then a drawing round again, and so on until all six rounds have been played. Everyone plays at the same time so there is no time to relax or lose focus! To make sure there are no pauses between rounds, the players have to turn the timer over immediately after it runs out.

In each drawing round, players have to sketch one or several words from their cards, without using words or numbers. In the guessing round, each player aims to guess the maximum words drawn by other players while also trying to make others guess his or her own word. Get ready to show your best multi-tasking skills!

Players count their points after the third guessing round. Each doodler scores one point for each correct guess from other players’ drawings. Meanwhile, one point is lost for each of your own drawings that nobody managed to guess. Whoever has the most points, wins the game!​

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