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20 min

A sinkhole formed west of the Tigris river in the heart of Mesopotamia revealing a large stone door with curious, unknown markings. A special team of archaeologists, from all over the world, ventured to the site to solve its puzzle, allowing them inside. Therein, a massive man-made cavern, stretching for what seemed to be a mile straight down, could be seen. But just as the team decides to leave, the door slams shut, sand slowly filling up from the ground, and a revelation of new puzzles that must be solved. Will they do it in time? Players take the role of the archaeological team as they try to escape the Lost Temple. In this real-time cooperative game, players will need to communicate and collaborate to solve an unending slew of puzzles. Unlike other games in this genre, Curio: The Lost Temple is endlessly replayable, even by the same players. Using a unique module-based system, players manipulate, sort, rotate, and search puzzle components to arrive at a distinct answer.

Players take on the role of an archaeological team trying to escape a lost temple. It's a real-time cooperative game, where players need to solve a slew of puzzles to escape. Unlike similar games, Curio is endlessly replayable.

Curio builds team problem solving skills as players solve a variety of puzzles to crack codes, find mystery words, and decipher diagrams in an ancient code language. Modules involve spatial reasoning (finding an intersection of strips to locate a letter), time management (keeping track of a timer as you solve puzzles) and pattern recognition (matching and eliminating colours and shapes to identify a word).

Our favourite tactic is to come up with nicknames for some of the symbols to use over time. Whether it's using a foreign letter (one looks like the Greek letter "phi") or a unique description, coming up with a common language for symbols is a great way to save time and communicate with your team.

Adding the timer module can add a level of urgency that turns up the pressure for fun and funny time. The designer also let us in on a hint that the outside of the box has a secret code that no one's been able to solve yet - we're still puzzling over it!

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