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Countries Of The World (HABA)







30 min

On this exciting world tour, players have to identify different countries by their flag, their capital city or their geographical location.

To help them out, there are various clues and joker cards. Important: The fewer clues a player needs, the faster he or she will circumnavigate the globe and win.

Contents: 1 large-format game board showing a map of the world, 4 flag charts, 4 play figures, 59 playing cards (51 country cards, 8 joker cards), 1 dice, 1 set of instructions.


Short game instructions:

• Place the game board in the middle of the table, each player gets a flag chart and a play figure.
• Shuffle the 51 country cards and place them next to the game board as a face-down pile. Have joker cards and the dice ready.
• The player to the left of the active player turns over a country card and provides clues about the country they are looking for.
• If the active player guesses the country correctly, they move forward up to three spaces,
depending on the number of clues.
• When a player passes the starting space with his play figure, the current round continues until everyone has had their final turn. Whoever has moved the furthest forward wins the game.

Game duration from: 30 min
Number of players: 2 to 4 (or play in teams!)
Age from: 8 years

Material: Cardboard, Wood

Curriculum Topic: 



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