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40 min

Thanks to Concept, you no longer need to talk in order to communicate! By combining universal icons, you and your team can get others to guess hundreds of objects, titles and characters!

An animal, big, green and long ago? It must be a dinosaur. Water, cube and cold weather ? must be an ice cube. A man, on horseback, big brown animals in the United States? Maybe the word to guess is "cowboy"? In concept, storytellers must place the tokens on the icons depicted on the game board, representing different concepts, primary or secondary. Symbol after symbol, meaning after meaning, players will have to guess or guess everything from ancient samurai, snails to Leonado DiCaprio. The first player who can guess the secret word earns two points, the narrator one. But in this wild party game, the points go into the background, the most important thing is to have fun. A new way of communication; concept is an innovative, engaging and fun game ideal for the whole family; uses creativity and imagination to guess the word of the narrator thanks to the clues provided by the scoreboard; simple rules and instant fun for everyone.

Number of players: 4-12 Recommended Age: 10 years + Average duration: 40 min.

Product Contains: 

110 cards
1 board
1 rulebook
2 player aids
1 bowl for storage
39 tokens (27 single and 12 double)
47 plastic pawns