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City Of Zombies Ultimate Edition







30 min

City of Zombies is a fast, frantic and fun maths-by-stealth board game where players work together rolling and combining dice to defeat an advancing horde of Zombies!


City of Zombies has won both gaming and educational awards and is used in homes and schools around the world, it’s a brilliant way to help children improve their maths skills.

City of Zombies is played over a number of rounds. Each round more Zombies appear on the board and begin shambling down towards the barricade!

Players must defend the Barricade until the Rescue Plane lands to win the game, but beware! If 6 Zombies are on the Barricade it’s Game Over.

Every round players take turns to roll the 3 battle dice to fight Zombies. The results can be used on their own, added, subtracted, divided, or multiplied together to match a Zombie’s strength (shown in the bottom right of the card) when that happens the Zombie is defeated and removed from the board!

Clear the board of Zombies to save Survivors and score bonus points, but watch out! If a Zombie reaches the Barricade you’ll lose Survivors equal to the Zombie’s ‘Hunger’ shown in the top left corner of the card.

There are also Event cards, Item cards, Hero cards and Game Ending cards.

Cooperative play for 1-6 players. Ages 6-99

Recommended by National Numeracy

Curriculum Topic: 


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