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City Of Zombies - Times Square

City Of Zombies - Times Square






15 min
This is a stand-alone game that can also be used as an expansion to the City Of Zombies Board Game, for the ultimate challenge!

The zombies are multiplying!
Zombies are invading Times Square - can you stand alone against them or team up and use your brains to stop them?!
In Times Square players take turns in one of 3 different game scenarios to roll dice and work out the best combination to defeat the undead horde advancing toward them. With easy, normal and hard modes as well there's plenty of variation in this travel size game, which you can also add to the original City Of Zombies game too!
Winner of 3 Imagination Gaming Gold awards, City Of Zombies also is recommended by National Numeracy. It's a fun way to apply, practice and improve numeracy, helping mental arithmetic and building  confidence and speed.

Product Contains: 

Hero Cards
Transformation Cards
Item Cards
Event cards
4 Combat Dice

Curriculum Topic: 


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