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Brains Family Castle & Dragon







20 min

Brains Family, is a successful puzzle game for the whole family. Up to four puzzle enthusiasts contend to fight mighty dragons and claim legendary castles. At the beginning of each round a new adventure card is drawn which shows the position of all dragons and castles on the players individual board. Now all the players must try to connect their road-pieces in the right way and as fast as possible to enable their knight to travel. Whoever solves the puzzle first, wins the round. But for the winners each round will get more difficult. If a player wins three rounds he wins the game.

Brains Family is a puzzle game. It involves logical skills and fast thinking. At the beginning of each round an adventure card is drawn to show the puzzle. Each player has a set of road-pieces which he needs to combine to reach all dragons and castles.

You may build your logical skills while solving the 50 different puzzles. Each player needs to solve the puzzles faster than the others to win the round. But with each win the puzzles get harder to solve. This way, no player will be left behind and has several chances to catch up. Brains Family is a dedicated puzzle game for the whole family.