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Bitcoin Hackers

Bitcoin Hackers
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30 min

The best hackers in the world face a juicy Bitcoin account, so be the fastest to unlock the encrypted codes and get three access cards to make off with the loot.

Bitcoin Hackers puts players in the shoes of skillful hackers whose goal is to access a huge Bitcoin account that has been blocked because they don't know the password. When word gets around, hackers all over the world try to access that account at the same time. Each player must try to exhaust the cards in their hand to advance through different blockchains and get three access cards to win.

The game is played in a series of turns in which each player, when they are the active player, must play a card from their hand that meets the requirement set by the top card of the code deck. This requirement is a number from 1 to 9, with a positive or negative sign. If the player succeeds in meeting that requirement, the newly played card sets the new requirement in addition to the new active player.

Some of the cards in the game are also cards with special effects that modify the usual restrictions in some way, harming opponents by making them draw cards, giving you the ability to temporarily alter the value of your own cards, or allowing a massive discard under very specific conditions. In addition, each player has unique skills that alter their gameplay to some extent, making the games different from each other. Also, the game strategies are different depending on the number of players



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