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15 min

Are you a good bluffer?

Most people aren’t. Everyone has a ‘tell’, you just have to find out what it is!

In this party style bluffing game, you must decide if another player’s roll is really believable or if you are being BAMBOOZLED! Either way, you’re going to have to call out the bluffers and be the last one standing to become the ultimate BAMBOOZLER!

Roll the dice and tie or beat the previous player's score. As the dice score goes up, the chance of actually rolling a higher score gets less and less likely. Your job is to know when to call out the bluffers, when to believe them, and when to use your action cards. Exposed bluffers get a strike, but if they were telling the truth you get a strike! 3 strikes and you're out!

Last one standing is the winner!


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