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Assembly is an escape puzzle card game with elements of push-your-luck. It’s compact, fast and eminently replay-able. Set on a spacestation, you can play Assembly either solo or cooperatively with a partner.

You are on an orbital platform that assembles luxury spaceships. After a recent swarm of micrometeorite impacts, a deadly virus has emerged and wiped out the entire staff. Luckily, you seem to have natural immunity and now you must escape to help create a vaccine before the virus reaches Earth. Unfortunately, the on-board computer has quarantined the station and is now venting the oxygen to ensure nothing survives.

Fortunately, you know of a half-built spaceship on one of the assembly lines and have discovered a rather limited set of commands to complete it but as you try to make your escape, the controls keep glitching. Does the computer know what you are trying to do?

You must work together and use your time and commands wisely to assemble the ship and make your escape before you perish.

The only way to escape is to lock each Room Module into their correct bay, fully assembling the spaceship before you run out of time.

Using the available commands (Draw, Lock, Swap and Rotate), you can move the Room Modules around the assembly line until they are located in the correct and lock them into place. Unfortunately, the ship’s computer isn’t going to make your life easy, and just as you think you are a step ahead she will throw a spanner in the works (see Scramble below).

At the end of each round, a ‘Scramble‘ will happen, where all unlocked Blueprint cards are shuffled and laid out again, changing the requirements.

No two games will ever be the same because of a variable setup, numerous role cards and the optional use of several malfunction sets activating on locking that force you to change your strategy. Also, 2-player games add limited communication into the mix and the optional use of sign language instead of verbal communication.