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Anomia - IG Awards 2017






10 min

The fast paced game of speed, knowledge and recall.

Anomia is super simple to understand and to explain. Each card is printed with a symbol and a category. Players turn over cards one at a time and if their symbol matches another card in play they have to name something in the category on their opponents card before their opponent can name something on theirs.

Sound simple? So you'll all be familiar with that sandwich filling 'Bluuuugh' and that African Country 'Arrrrgh' and that type of tea 'Nnnnggggh', because however much you think you're prepared, suddenly being asked to think of a word in a specific category isn't anywhere as easy as it sounds. Anomia is a brilliant party game that will have you shouting and shrieking with laughter and there are two decks so you can swap them or mix them to prevent repeats if you're playing all night.

It's also a really good icebreaker as it still works with more than 6 people!

Anomia was at UK Games Expo in 2014 and proved so popular it went on to be voted the winner of Best Party Game in the awards.

Product Contains: 

Contains 100 cards in 2 separate decks that can be used one at a time or mixed together.
Game rules

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