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Alphabet Runner







15 min

Alphabet Runner is 3 games iin 1 set of cards:

1: Maxxras. Word game which contains 10 levels. Age 11+

2: Pairs. A memory recall game. Age 10+

3: Snap. Popular, fast-paced card game. Age 9+ 


Maxxras is a word game of 10 levels by using the 56 alphabet cards, example card 1 = A and card 14 = Z and all the other letters are paired and mirrored and therefore each letter can be used twice from a single card in a word and the letters can used in any sequence.

Objective is to build a word by using at least 1 alphabet letter from 1 of your own cards and using letters from other cards in the centre play area. Then reveal/confirm the word to the other players to avoid picking up a card from the deck. The first player to get rid of all the cards outright wins the game. Example of how many cards to place in the centre play area, level 9 is to create a 14 to 22 letter word therefore players can decide to place 14 or 22 cards in the central area and then place level 9 card next to the cards and then deal 7 random cards to each player. Optional: After completing level 9 players can place 14 or 22 cards in the central play area to play level 10.

Optional: From level 3 players can write down the word created to show the opponents. Optional: The card 14 “Z” can be utilised as the wild card from levels 3 to 10. Repeated words are allowed for fun game play. If players decide not to allow repeated words then every word created must be written down to avoid confusion in a competitive game play. Start the game: Deal 7 random cards to each player. Place 3 or 4 cards face-up randomly and then place level 1 card next to the cards in the centre play area. Level 1 is to create a 3 or a 4 letter word. Once a player has created a word, place the card separately from the other cards in the centre play area and then reveal/confirm the word to the other players. Then place that card on top of any card in the centre play area. To play level 2 place 5 or 6 cards face-up and place level 2 card next to the cards in the centre play area. Create a 5 or a 6 letter word and follow the same procedure as level 1.


Game 1: Maxxras:

Level 1 is to build/create/form 3 or 4 letter words and level 10 is to build/create/form 15 letter words or longer. It's possible to build/create/form a 45 letter word in level 10. pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanokoniosis’ is the longest word in the English dictionary.


Game 2: Pairs:

A card game in which all of the cards are laid face down and two cards are flipped face up over each turn. The idea of the game is to turn over 2 matching cards.


Game 3: Snap:

Player deals all the cards in the pack face-down to each player. When two same cards are on the pile and the first player to shout "SNAP" takes all the cards on the pile.


Alphabet Runner Games tuck box dimensions H9cm x W6cm x D2.6cm. Card size H8.7cm x W5.6cm.

Box contains 56 alphabet playing cards. 10 cards consisting of 10 levels of the word game. 4 Instruction cards.

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