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It is the late 1950s. You are a daring tugboat captain exploring the mysterious depths of southern Africa. Be the first to sail your vessel from Victoria Falls along the famous Zambezi River to Lake Kariba. On the way, you must avoid infestations of hungry crocodiles and steer clear of rocks, the most treacherous obstacles that you will encounter on your journey.

Zambezi is best played as a full Expedition Game, where aspects other than racing are taken into account, such as picking up treasures en-route and making documentaries about the wildlife of the Zambezi Delta.

The game includes a deck of 96 beautiful playing cards, depicting various different animals of the Zambezi Delta, such as lions, gorillas, giraffes, zebras, flamingos, hornbills and snakes. There are nine different 'suits' each showing a different animal and there are also cheetah cards that are 'wildcards' that can count as different values. The cards have numerical values and the movement down the river is card-driven. So the cards have a dual purpose, for controlling movement and also providing a way of creating documentaries. Documentaries score you extra bonus points. There are also eight miniature tug-boats and lots of special tokens representing fuel and treasures such as diamonds, gold and silver. All the above features combine to allow you to collect Victory Points in four different ways. Total Victory Points can be calculated quickly and easily at the end of the game to determine who is the winning tugboat captain!

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