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WordStacker - IG Awards

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United Kingdom

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A game of stacking, stretching, and mixing-up words to score points to win! But beware, you may get sabotaged by your opponents! A family game where kids can play (and win) fair and square against the adults.

We (Matt and Anna) founded Ingenium Games to reflect our own passion for board games and card games.  Matt is ex-Hasbro, and Anna comes from a product development background, so it's a perfect combination of skills and experience to make our games a reality.  We want to create loved games which will have a long life in the games cupboard, and won't lose value or appeal over time.

1. What does the game involve?   

WordStacker is a card game which involves stacking, stretching, and mixing up words to score points - not to mention sabotaging your opponents to get ahead!  It's ideal for a mixed ability group as it has a level playing field when it comes to scoring, and as it's mainly based on four letter words, you don't need to be a wordy brain-box to win!

2. What skills can you build/gain from the game? 

Playing as a family means the younger players can stretch their spelling muscles, but there's much more to it than that!  There are elements of hand management and thinking strategically, as well as of puzzle solving.  The fact that it's not just about knowing a load of words means it's immediately accessible to less confident players, or those who normally avoid word games - there are plenty of opportunities to be competitive and strategic - which could win you the game ahead of a wordy clever-clogs!

3. What's your favourite tactic or are there any tricks you can teach us? 

It's always worth thinking about how to make best use of the sabotage cards, and to remember that you can play a Sabotage and a Score card on the same turn.  'Find a Letter' is really handy if you want to play a 'New Word' or 'Stack 5' card, as it means you can find what you want before playing your score card.  Equally, it's often worth holding on to 'Miss a Go' cards until you can see who's getting ahead - so you can sabotage them!  Finally, don't forget when you restock your hand after your turn, you can take any combination of Letter or Action cards, as long as you end up with nine cards in your hand.  You might want to stock up on letters, or have more Action cards to choose from - it's up to you!

4. Do you have any funny/heartwarming stories about a game of WordStacker?  

We heard about a guy who mentors a young lad.  He played WordStacker with him just to see how it would go, and he really enjoyed the game. His confidence grew with words and spelling and he really enjoyed the cheekiness of being able to sabotage his mentor! WordStacker also made it to Siberia as a present this Christmas. There are many people who speak English as a second language and want to practice to keep it up to scratch. WordStacker proved to be just what they needed to keep keep their English fresh and it also kept them entertained over the Christmas holidays as well!