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Wibbell++ is a deck of cards featuring pairs of letters. In the first-edition deck, there were rules for 5 games, but more are continually being added and developed.

Wibbell is a word game with a catchup mechanism that means everyone is always competing. Race to shout words containing at least one letter from each of the 2 cards in the centre, and at least one letter from each face-up card in front of yourself! The game gets progressively harder as you do well, so adults and a 5-year old can play together and both compete.

 Grabbell involves quickly grabbing cards that match either the border design or a letter. When there are few cards left on the table, everyone slams their cards down to secure the bonus 10 points! This can be a great way to increase familiarity with lettershapes.

Faybell is a co-operative storytelling activity. Letters are a guiding restriction in the key story elements, how you start each sentence and keywords used within each sentence. 

Phrasell is a partygame, ideally played at large gatherings. Everyone uses 4 letters as the initials for a phrase that they invent. Some of the most amusing phrases have been created by the tiniest members of families (8).

Alphabetickell is an abstract game that involves putting things in alphabetical order and deciding how many letters you're willing to skip - given that you will never again be able to use those letters. There's a fair amount of probability and analysis involved to play well, but as it's a turn-based game, younger children can be offered a bit of help and it's a simple enough framework for them to start thinking about numeracy and probabilities.

What I'm most proud of is that the various games test a wide variety of skills. Wibbell is a super-accessible game that requires you to construct words, and have an idea of what letters those words use. Grabbell is just about matching letters or shapes. Faybell and Phrasell test your creativity. Alphabetickell might get kids to start thinking about numbers and probability. 

Wibbell can help improve your spelling and vocabulary, and can be played even before your spelling is perfect. Like Grabbell, it also encourages fast thinking.

Grabbell helps increase familiarity with lettershapes. It promotes speed of thinking, dexterity and multi-tasking (as you need to focus not only on making matches, but also how many cards are left on the table)!

Faybell will improve not only creativity and language competence but also empathy - as you invent 'keywords' for the next player to use. You can either help guide them or offer a funny restriction. There is also an element of memory involved, as you remember the main story elements and keep the story in your head.

Phrasell is fairly demanding and will test vocabulary, and your ability to play with grammar and words in creative ways. Thinking of words that start with a particular letter, mixing them together in a way to make some sense, can be equally tricky and satisfying!

Alphabetickell will improve familiarity with the alphabet and critical thinking. If played strategically, it will improve numeracy and introduce older children to probability.