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Who Did It?

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“My parrot did NOT poop in the middle of the living room, I think a rabbit did it!” As the proud owner of a cute little rabbit, you need to quickly prove its innocence and put the blame on another’s pet. You must trust your memory and your reactivity or you might blame a pet already proven innocent and be left with clearing the mess!

Defend the innocence of your 6 pets by getting rid of all your cards. Quickly find the right card as they are accused, lay it down first, and then pass the blame to another animal. To avoid being the owner of the guilty pet, make sure to act fast and remember which animals were already proven innocent. Who did it? is an exciting and fun card game that has been nominated Kid Game of the Year in France!

The idea of the theme came from the designer’s daughter who really wanted to have pets, to which the designer replied that pets need lots of care, otherwise they behave badly.

There is no dog in the animal cards because the designer could not stand the word “dog” anymore. His daughters were speaking about dogs on a daily basis.

The fish character is based on an old commercial in which a little boy accused the goldfish, Maurice, of having eaten all the chocolate pudding:

The designer has announced that if the game sales exceed 100,000 boxes, he will get a “poo” tattoo.