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Tinker Tailor

Tinker Tailor

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United Kingdom

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Tinker Tailor is a role picking and set gathering card game for 2 to 6 players suitable as a Family Game or a light filler game. The aim of the game is to get the most points. Points are collected in the form of Money Cards or Good Cards.

The game is based on the well known rhyme, tinker tailor. Players choose roles from a limited (and varied) selection each round – picking the best role that round to make the most of it.  The aim is to collect collections of as many of the same goods as possible as well as sets of one of everything.

The more Goods Cards a player owns (up to a maximum of 8) of a given type, the greater the value of the cards. Players also get a bonus for gathering a Collection of all 5 goods (Bread, Fish, Cloth, Wine and Gems).

Each turn each player will select one role from a random selection of 17 roles which defines the action they can take.

The players who make the best choices and uses their actions to the greatest advantage will win the game.