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"A game of bluffing, luck & landscapes".

Terrain may be played in two ways. In the basic game each player is secretly collecting a type of terrain and wants to get as much of that type of terrain connected into a single region. The larger a player's region at the end of the game, the larger their score.

However, if someone guesses what you are collecting then they will try and stop you by blocking you off or placing your tiles far away - so you need to be sneaky and try to keep them guessing, while at the same time try and work out what all your opponents are collecting to stop them from getting a large score

A turn is simply taking a tile at random from the bag and adding it to any part of the map (at least one edge must touch the map somewhere). Your secret tile (the one that shows you which terrain you are collecting) may be placed instead of having your turn from the bag - this tile will show everyone what it is you are collecting but is special: it may be placed ON TOP of any other normal tile on the map, so it can be used to connect two of your regions together, or to split an opponents region up!

The advanced game is played over a series of rounds. Each round the players receive several tiles, they choose one as their secret tile - and this is what will score them points. Then they take it in turns placing their tiles to the map, they each play their secret tile last (it may go on top of a normal tile as in the basic game) and score points.

Any secret tiles that are played onto the map are locked in place (i.e. no more secret tiles may be placed on top of them) so there's a lot more strategy in where and when to place tiles